Wellness Spa

Foot Massage

Removal of corns, callouses, and rough skin.

Ingrown toenails, luxury massage and a full-house pedicure.

Spa delux pedicure.

Buffing, file, heel scrub and nail polish with jell cutex.

Back and Neck Massage

Enjoy a relaxing 45 minute massage focusing on your back, neck and shoulders with soothing oil.

Full Body Massage

Pamper yourself with a 1 hour long full-body massage with treating oils.

Full Body Massage w/Hot Stones

A relaxing 1 and 1/2 hour long massage with hot stones for the treatment of bodily stress and pain.

Couples Package

Couples massage includes:

  • Body scrub
  • Soak in the mineral Jacuzzi
  • full-body massage
  • Standard facial
  • Pedicure


Group Package

Group package includes:

  • Signature foot treatment with pedicure
  • Deep tissue back & neck massage
  • Standard facial
  • Light lunch